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let the wild rumpus begin

Success! Our yard, which now looks approximately like the wild jungles of Borneo, is about to be beaten into submission. We'll have to pay someone to do it, but we found someone who was willing to take their lives in their hands and attempt to restore it to its benign Pacific Northwest unruliness. Of course, there's the very real possibility they'll go inside and be eaten by wild things with lots of teeth, but better them than us.

And speaking of Pacific Northwest unruliness (oh, I kill me with these segues)...Saturday night was the Naked Bike Ride (link is SO not safe for work, but this one is). Ostensibly, it's a protest against fossil fuels, or a way to highlight the vulnerability of riders on the road, depending on whom you talk to, but it's mainly an excuse for people ride around the city letting it all hang out. Which is always hilarious if you happen to be out and about and suddenly a bunch of naked people on bicycles streak past (that's happened to us a few times). Guaranteed to make you smile and giggle and be glad for a bit of gentle absurdity. But this year was notable because Sal decided to join in. And had a blast, so I suspect this will be an annual activity at Hall House. Don't worry, there won't be pictures.

I can't boast anything quite so daring for my weekend. Did some writing, some art, made phone calls, avoided work stuff. I also made the mistake yesterday of not bringing lunch in with me. Well, the mistake was Sunday night when I didn't make one to bring, for no real good reason at all, and then yesterday...well, yesterday was the kind of day that makes a person glad they don't happen very often. It was merely coincidence that it also happened to be a Monday, but it certainly didn't help Monday's reputation for sucking.

Anyway. Today has to be better because I have both lunch AND breakfast, my replacement debit card finally arrived (srsly, what a PITA), and our summer vacation (mine and Sal's) commences Friday. Eleven whole entire days of not being at work. Such luxury! And with the yard finally restored to order, we don't even have to go anywhere for it to be awesome.

breakfast, cute animals sidecar:

  • molded egg
  • cantaloupe
  • red grapes

lunch, Ms. Bento:

  • taco filling -- seasoned ground beef and rice, shredded colby, and a bit of sour cream in the little condiment cup
  • flour tortilla and red leaf lettuce for the taco
  • carrots and red grapes
  • cantaloupe
  • dark chocolate covered raisins and candied almonds (courtesy of Chef Sal)

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Reader Comments (3)

O.M.G. He rode is bike naked??!!!1??? That's crazy!! (and I'm not a cyclist, but I have to imagine uncomfortable =) But whether he rode naked or attired, it's awesome he participated.

Vacation FTW!! We NEED to set dates for family vacation. Even if we end up setting dates in the Fall. We must, must do it! Although, We don't have much planned for July... maybe we can plan something. A family thing, a girls thing, a girls/guys thing, a bro./sis. thing... (you get the idea =) We miss you.

Jun 21, 2011 at 8:47 PM | Unregistered CommenterSister

Oh! And Yay for getting the yard done!! I know it's been weighing on your mind (making you crazy?), so I'm glad you found someone. Hopefully they'll get it done before they're consumed =)

Jun 21, 2011 at 8:49 PM | Unregistered CommenterSister

Sister: Yes, he totally did. He was so hilarious about it, too. Unintentionally hilarious, but still. But also adorably hilarious. You would've laughed. But it was awesome that he did it and he had a great time.

Awww, we miss you, too! Yes, we MUST, MUST do it. Dates, calendars, let's put them together and make some things happen.

(And oh man, thank you so much for understanding how crazy the undone yard work has made me. I love the view from the back door window but I've been so stressed out about the weeds choking out everything -- especially everything my mom planted in that back bed -- that I can't even look out the window without practically having an anxiety attack. They came yesterday and now it looks SO MUCH BETTER. We need to bark dust and to touch up some gravel, and fill in some holes of things that didn't come back, but it'll be more manageable now. FAMOUS LAST WORDS I KNOW.)

Jun 23, 2011 at 11:28 AM | Registered CommenterBitty

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