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they're baaa-aaack

Hee. For months and months, dark chocolate-covered (and yogurt-covered) raisins featured in almost every bento. And then I finally depleted my 1 pound supplies (meaning 1 pound of each) -- purchased in January! -- so bentos have been -covered raisin-less since. ::sadface::

I bought some more while I was at New Seasons the other day (not a pound this time) and had a big ol' gap to fill, so it was clearly time to bring back a little treat for myself. Well, that and we're completely out of fruit, if you can imagine such a thing. And the next bin doesn't come until Monday. But raisins count as fruit, and if they just happen to be covered with chocolate? Well, that's hardly a bad thing, is it?

Lunch, blue bunny & moons:

  • joi choi sauteed in a bit of toasted sesame oil and soy sauce with crushed peanuts for garnish
  • omelet of eggs*, broccoli*, basil*, tat sois*, and a bit of Dorset Red cheese for a smoky, salty bite
  • broccoli* for gap filler
  • onion sesame crackers
  • Marcona almonds
  • dark chocolate covered raisins

*from our share

We're in dire need of ordering some groceries. We have a ton of great produce, but are out of staples like bread, milk, sugar, flour(!)(in a chef's house? that's practically a crime), etc. etc. Sigh. Where's my personal assistant who's willing to work for free and live in my basement?

Yesterday while I was out and about running errands, I had some time to kill between appointments. Not long enough to run home, but too long to just sit in the car, especially on such a beautiful summer afternoon/evening. So I pulled over at the Columbia Park Annex and kicked back for a few minutes on a bench overlooking the bluff.

It'll be 10 years next month since we moved here, and I still pinch myself.

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