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Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everyone! 

I wish I'd thought to do a cool "Remember, remember the 5th of November" theme for my bento today....

clockwise from the right:

  • leftover soup again -- this is the same soup from Monday; still delicious
  • simple fruit salad -- anjou pear, honeycrisp apple, and banana
  • ciabatta pieces for soup dipping on one side, and carrots and cheese sticks on the other side*

*ETA: note to self -- make sure carrots are completely dry before packing next to cheese...slimy cheese = ew

Also, this isn't technically part of my bento since it doesn't fit, but I have a little bonus treat today. Sal began teaching the chocolates and candies portion of his class this week, so he spent some time over the weekend practicing his chocolate tempering. These are chocolates with chocolate ganache centers. You may commence hating me now.

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