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Tentpoles and teepees

I'm starting a work project that's going to require me working from home a whole lot more in the coming weeks, so I won't have occasion for bento 3x a week, but I'll continue posting about them when I do.

clockwise from right:

  • homemade vegetable stew
  • ham & cheese wraps [ETA Note to self: good idea putting these in the main container above the soup -- everything is warmed through and delicious!]
  • left side: carrots & celery; right side: fresh mango!
  • not pictured: dipping sauce for the carrots/celery -- peanut butter mixed with honey again, which is kind of the best invention ever, and I got to break open a new jar of honey that we bought at the St. Johns Farmers' Market this summer -- the honey is from a little mom & pop apiary that's just a few blocks from the house, and I think that's kind of pretty much fabulous

I put notes I've written to myself in my bento sometimes, like a fortune cookie kind of.  Today's:

Sometimes, support isn't a tentpole, but a teepee.

Be reminded that it isn't always necessary to be the person that everyone leans on, that sometimes, everyone leaning together is a stronger support system.

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